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Oh my gosh, thank you! Although I must politely disagree with you because there’s a lot that I need to strengthen and work on in my writing. There’s always room for improvement, you know? But thank you so much for this, nonetheless! It’s so appreciated. ♥

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"Well, it depends on whether or not I have enough money on me in the first place. I used to shop until I drop but that was when I lived back at home," she explained.

Money wasn’t a concern for her back then since her dad gave her a hefty allowance every week which was his way to compensate for not being there… ever. And so, being young, living a carefree, luxurious life, and not having any worry or care about much she should spend, she’d use the gil up dry at the shopping district in Deling City where it was known to be notoriously expensive.

"Now, though, I don’t have as much money on me like I did before so I watch what I spend." She scratched the back of her neck and flashed a sheepish grin. "Sometimes I wish I was actually smart and saved some of that money, though."

war stories || wingsofheartilly



     Afterward, he is a mess, a demon in human-skin, the monster underneath your bed, afterward, afterward, he is everyone’s nightmare and the reason for locking your doors. 

Afterward, he has a handful of gil and the clothes he could stuff in a bag, and newfound freedom that keeps him shackled— we’ll be watching you, they all say, we’ll be waiting for you to fuck up again

Afterward, afterward. 

It puts him on a train to Timber one day, this slow, excruciating passage of time, where he’s got nothing better to do than sit around and cope with the chaos in his brain. He’s got enough gil for a round trip ticket and maybe the fare for lunch, and he’s got no idea what he’s going to do when he gets there. 

Maybe just stay on the train forever. No one will miss him. 

Timber is woodland and cobblestones and people outright staring, even though he’s got a baseball cap slung low over his brow and he’s long since set fire to the gray coat, burning it in a dumpster in Dollet. 

A fitting funeral, for a knight on fire. 

It’s easy to find her; she’s not in Balamb and so she is royalty here, a savior of the world. 

She is just as shackled as he is, he knows, even if no one’s willing to say it out loud. Sorceress

The word leaves a taste like ashes on his tongue. 

It’s so, so easy to find her. 

He knocks on her door, and he wouldn’t blame her if she shut it in his face. 

It’s funny how it started.

All she wanted was for SeeD to take her to somewhere safe for a while after the whole kidnapping the president incident failed—which now that she looked back on it, she was so naïve. ‘Serious negotiations…’ If it was successful and actually Vinzer himself instead of a fake, it would have instigated a war between Galbadia and Timber, and Timber’s conditions would undoubtedly be worse as it already is. Timber didn’t have an army, not anymore anyways to face Galbadia’s. A majority of them have been killed when Galbadia stormed into town seventeen years ago or stuck in prison. The few that remained became veterans.

But at the time, she wasn’t thinking of the potential effects of her actions. It sounded like a good idea, and they weren’t going to hurt him as long as he agreed to her terms and conditions. It’s too bad that she can’t have another peaceful discussion with him since he’s dead.

Former President of Galbadia Vinzer Deling is dead.

That ‘ambassador’ he aligned himself with, Ultimecia, made sure of that herself.

You’d think that since he’s, you know, dead, the G-soldiers in Timber would flee back to their main base to help control the chaos the capital is under, right? Wrong! Many of them did scamper, but the majority still stayed to maintain the militia law Timber is placed under—which is what leads her return after the party and the shooting star and the kiss.

Technically, the contract between her and SeeD still stands since Timber hasn’t achieved independence yet.

But Timber isn’t the only place that’s in pandemonium. The whole world is. Ultimecia only posed as an immediate threat that needed to be eliminated as soon as possible. Now that she’s gone, the war is over, and they need to fix the problems that she’s left behind everywhere.

Now that she’s gone, there’s only one sorceress that the world is watching, waiting, expecting.


She’s Hyne’s descendant, a sorceress, a witch. The world doesn’t acknowledge that she’s also a hero, that she’s part of the group that saved the world. They only see what they want to see, what she is, what she will be.

Even though she is loved in Timber, it’s not the same everywhere else.

At least the world is comforted that Esthar’s memorial is still there should anything happen.

It’s cold there, though. Cryogenically cold and lonely and dark and—

A knock at the door disturbs her thoughts. She sets the half-eaten sandwich on the plate and heads to the front of chief’s house. It’s probably the chief coming back from the store or maybe Watts or Zone so when she turns the brass knob, opens the door, and tilts her head up to meet the person’s eyes, she stops midway of hello. Shock rims her eyes and her heart does a funny little lurch. It takes a few seconds for her to finally say the name that’s caught at her throat.


“…Seifer?!” She gasps, blinking. He’s missing his long, grey trench coat with the crosses on it and there’s a cap thrown over his head, but it’s definitely, definitely him. “What are you doing here?!”

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Her New Wings


Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion OST

Her New Wings (Track 41)

                            you put your arms { around } me and I am HOME

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