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       ❝Y-you wouldn’t mind giving me a hand, would’ya?

"Hmm?" Her lashes fluttered in a double-take as she matched the speaker of the request to the seemingly friendly young man nearby. "Sure. What do you need help with?"



    Perhaps he should have known better than to utter such a thing before realising exactly who had halted his path. A sigh emits, muffled and troubled, before he offers further words in an attempt at an apology. He wasn’t all that talented at saying ‘sorry’, but the most he could do was at least present a reasonable explanation for his supposed rough mood.

    He recognises the pain on her face and cannot say he particularly likes it.

       ❝…Been a rough day.

She was ready to leave him alone at a moment’s notice; bothering someone when they were already in a terrible mood only served to fuel their aggravation even more. So when she heard his quiet response to her query, she was surprised and lifted her head up, glancing at him with shock-rimmed eyes. She didn’t know what he would say next when she asked him that, but a part of her was expecting he’d say something along the lines of ‘go away’. Her eyes softened considerably and the corners of her mouth upturned.

"Yeah, I can tell." Rinoa tilted her head and studied him with her hands twined at her back. "What happened?"



Y’kinda’ are.

Enduring was his blatancy, mild bemusement streaked across a visage that upholds some sense of apathy. Not entirely offended by her quip, mostly because he was taller than her—and size never mattered much to him anyhow.

If it makes you feel better, so am I. Crashed my space-ship into a world of water once." Sincerity bestowed to atone for his blunt nature, tender simper mustered towards the one with onyx crown.

"Trip over something and you’re called clumsy for life," she muttered bitterly, not caring whether or not he heard her. Her forehead went smack into her hand as she shook her head and blew out a terse sigh.

A small part of her felt guilty. Rinoa knew she was being unreasonable. Accidentally stumbling onto the ground when there was no compelling force or object that could have instigate the fall was kind of the definition of being clumsy, but she could care less right now.

"How did you send it crashing into water?" She asked, intrigued, and peered up at him, feeling the anger ebbing away as her expression softened. Instead of being rude to her, as she was to him when he didn’t deserve it, he consoled her. "Sorry about earlier, by the way. I was in a bad mood. Some guy made me mad."



       ❝Quit wastin’ my time.

'Wasting my time'…?

"Oh… I just wanted to chat with you. See how you are and stuff. That’s all," came her feeble reply, unable to mask the twinge of pain in her voice. Her hair slipped over her shoulders and shielded her expression as she looked down at her feet instead where her silhouette loomed. "Guess you’re in a foul mood right now, huh?"



     ❝—You could say that, yeah.❞ His hand finds the back of his neck, rubs the stretch of skin below his ponytail. He smiles. 'But anyway, 's good t'see you.

Seeing Laguna again in what feels like months, though in reality it might have been about a month and a half, close to two, made all of her irritation dissipate just like that as a smile makes it way to her face. "Yeah," she agrees and nod, taking a moment to observe him, noting how the lines in the crease of his facial features seem weary with fatigue. "How are things in Esthar lately?" Although she does read the newspaper and keeps an attentive ear to the radio and TV reports, it doesn’t hurt to ask the person who knows the country’s situation best than the president of the aforementioned country himself.

igniter-nexus asked: "C'mon now, don't be too mad~"

"Go away. I’m done talking to you." And so she turned on her heels and stormed off with the intention of being far away from him as possible.

igniter-nexus asked: "My dick's fine, thanks for askin'"

"You’re sick. And no one was asking about it anyways." 

igniter-nexus asked: "You mean I'm the first guy to point it out? Your love life must be lacking."

She flipped her hair over her shoulders. "Just like your dick."